About - SafeHaven Trauma Centre

Welcome to SafeHaven Trauma Centre

We are a multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals and physical therapists. As a Centre, we specialise in the treatment psychological trauma and coercion and offer a range of psychological and somatic (body-based) interventions to assist with recovery.

Our consultant psychologists, counsellors and somatic therapists are committed to providing the best in trauma-informed treatment and compassionate care. Which is why we listen and assess your needs before designing an individually tailored care plan, to ensure you receive the treatment that is right for you.


Our approach

We are committed to ensuring our clients feels safe, cared for and have a confidential place to receive information, support and treatment. We always seek to respect and protect the rights and dignity of our clients, whatever their beliefs, culture, race or creed. Our approach is focused on collaborative working. Our experienced professionals work alongside clients to enable recovery, personal development, growth and self-care to be achieved in the way that best supports the client and their individual circumstances.



SafeHaven Trauma Centre