Getting help: 1st step - SafeHaven Trauma Centre

Where to start


Need more information?

If you would like to know more about our service and whether it is suitable for you please complete the online booking form, or call our reception team on 0161 635 3522, and request a 20 minute introductory call.

We will ask for a few details from you, to ensure we arrange for the most appropriate clinician.

A day/time will be confirmed for your phone call. We endeavor to arrange for initial calls to be next working day, where possible.

Please note there is no charge for this introductory call.


Want to arrange an initial appointment?

If you want to come for treatment we ask all new clients to first attend an initial consultation.

For face-to-face therapy this initial consultation is carried out at the Centre.

For telephone or video coaching or therapy this is arranged over the phone or our conferencing platform.

At the initial consultation we will take the time to understand what you require help with, take a medical history, determine condition/symptom severity and discuss and evaluate suitable therapies and treatment options. This will enable your clinician to develop a recommended care-plan for you going forward.

If you are unsure whether you wish to arrange for a face-to-face or phone/video consultation we will arrange for a clinician to have an introductory phone call with you first.

To arrange your initial consultation please complete the online booking form or call our reception team onĀ  0161 635 3522.


Been referred for treatment?

If you have been referred for treatment we will contact you within 3 working days of receiving your referral to arrange an initial consultation.

If you wish to know if your referral has been received please call our reception team and they will be happy to assist.



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