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Emo-somatic (or combination) therapy is a care-plan where psychotherapy and craniosacral therapy are combined

In our practice we have found combining psychotherapy and craniosacral therapy highly effective in trauma recovery.

By integrating body work with established principles for emotional and psychological health this treatment approach allows clients to address:

  • Psychological health
  • Physical concerns
  • The impact each may impart on the other.


Emo-Somatic Therapy

Emo-Somatic Therapy is an integrative psychological and somatic approach to mind-body health.

The approach interlaces key aspects of integrative psychotherapy with the somato-emotional release experienced with craniosacral therapy.

This approach clients report experiencing multiple benefits over and above either psychotherapy or physical therapy undertaken alone.


What happens in a session?

Sessions provide flexibility to either work psychotherapeutically (stay simply talking), or to focus on the body-work aspect with CST, or to utilise both.

Using both required you to lie, fully clothed, on a treatment table – to encompass the CST aspect; plus you will then talk with your therapist throughout to identify and process thoughts, emotions, memories, or symbols (images in the mind), that you identify and associate with the release of tension occurring in the body through the CST.

Sessions are most often deeply relaxing, even when strong and difficult emotions are present.

Sessions are typically 90 minutes in length for trauma-informed work, and 60minutes when it it for other conditions.

This approach is only available in clinic and as an individual session.

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