How we help - SafeHaven Trauma Centre

We provide

  • Initial evaluation, to establish a baseline for your condition(s) and symptoms
  • Comprehensive care-plan, designed by your clinician, in conjunction with you, tailored to meet your needs
  • Aftercare, to ensure you are supported as you move on from the symptoms you were experiencing.


Our approach

Because each person is different we have found the best results are achieved when we tailor our service to you.

Our training and experience allows us to draw on research-based, established, treatments, as well as cutting-edge approaches and combine them to create care-plans for the individual. This means we are not limited to only using one therapy in treatment.

Whilst well grounded in clinical theory and diagnostic criteria, our approach is overall holistic.  This means your quality of life is as important to us as symptom reduction or management.

We take the time to get to know you. Your values and beliefs, background, circumstances, skills, resources and your life experiences are an integral part of your recovery process. Understanding these enables us to ensure you get the best outcome from your time with us.


Our service

Designed to support and assist you, we:

  • Create a care-plan that meets your needs whilst suiting your personality and personal preferences for therapy
  • Match you with a clinician/therapist whom you feel safe and comfortable to work
  • Ensure flexibility: from therapy, to clinician, to session frequency and length, we ensure treatment feels both safe and manageable.
  • Provide consistency: you will have one point of contact throughout your time with us, so you always have a familiar face/voice to speak to.



SafeHaven Trauma Centre