Depression - SafeHaven Trauma Centre

Everyone feels sad or unhappy at some point of their lives, however, depression goes a lot deeper than that, it lasts longer and is more unpleasant than just ‘being sad’. The severity of depression can vary from mild depression to clinical depression.

Some of the symptoms include:
•    Feeling constantly low for more than two weeks
•    Loosing interest in things you use to enjoy
•    Loosing self-confidence
•    Feeling anxious
•    Finding it hard to make decisions
•    Feeling like you can’t cope
•    Feeling exhausted, restless or agitated
•    Sleep problems
•    Loss or increase of appetite.

Sometimes there’s an obvious reason for feeling depressed, such as a relationship breakdown or bereavement, but depression can also occur after ‘happy’ events like having a baby. It is also not unusual for there to be no obvious reason, but the symptoms are there nonetheless.

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