Bipolar Disorder - SafeHaven Trauma Centre

Bipolar disorder causes severe mood swings, they usually last several weeks or months and are far beyond what most of us experience. These bipolar mood swings can be low or depressive, high or manic or a mix of depressed mood with the restlessness and over activity of a manic episode.

During a period of depression, symptoms may include:
•    Feeling sad, hopeless or irritable most of the time
•    Lacking energy
•    Difficulty concentrating and remembering things
•    Loss of interest in everyday activities
•    Feelings of emptiness or worthlessness
•    Feelings of guilt and despair
•    Feeling pessimistic about everything
•    Self-doubt
•    Being delusional, having hallucinations
•    Disturbed or illogical thinking
•    Lack of appetite
•    Difficulty sleeping or waking up early
•    Suicidal thoughts

The manic phase of bipolar disorder may include:
•    Feeling very happy, elated or overjoyed
•    Talking very quickly
•    Feeling full of energy
•    Feeling self-important
•    Feeling full of great new ideas and having important plans
•    Being easily distracted
•    Being easily irritated or agitated
•    Being delusional, having hallucinations
•    Disturbed or illogical thinking
•    Not sleeping
•    Not eating
•    Doing things that often have disastrous consequences
•    Making decisions or saying things that are out of character.

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