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Some of the Conditions we can help with

Because we have a specialist multidisciplinary clinical team we are able to offer treatments that can address physical (somatic) as well as psychological factors.

Research is expanding our understanding on how interrelated our mind and body are; our knowledge is constantly increasing on how best to support people who have experienced trauma. Some people can have a physical issue, such as in concussion, but there will also be psychological factors involved and the physical and psychological challenges will be affecting each other respectively. Other people will have a primary challenge that is psychological, such as stress, but there are physical changes in the body that occur along side the mental changes, and again each will affect and potentially compound the other.

For this reason we provide support for conditions that fall into the physical as well as mental health category.

Physical and mental health disorders take many different forms and affect people in different ways. Our thinking, our emotions, our behaviour can all be affected as well as our physical health. We are also often significantly influenced by psycho-social factors, such as the level of support we feel we have, our relationships, friendships and family dynamics.

The important thing to remember is whilst conditions have general descriptions and symptoms to help categorise and identify them, no two people are exactly the same.


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