Winter Newsletter 2022


Welcome to our end of year newsletter!

We hope this email finds you safe and well.  

With December now upon us, we have the winter solstice on the 21st December, followed by Christmas and then New year. Whilst the festive period can be full of joy and merriment, it can also be a challenging time for many. Moving towards 2023 can be expected to bring periods of reflection about the past year, as thoughts, hopes and plans for the new year may begin to take life.

In this newsletter we will share with you Charlotte and Rachel in conversation about dance movement psychotherapy (DMP); current mini-retreat dates for both trauma-focused therapy and those seeking a personal and spiritual development experience. And we also have a couple of dates for small group-therapy work coming up in both DMP and trauma-informed mindfulness . 

From our hearts to yours, we wish you the very best for the festive season ahead.

In conversation with…

Listen in on Charlotte and Rachel talking Dance Movement Psychotherapy & discover more about this type of therapy.

With two new 8week groups starting in the new year … maybe one could be for you!

2023 Dates for upcoming Dance Movement Psychotherapy groups:

  1. 1st Feb for 8 weeks at the Centre: 10:30am to noon each Wednesday
  2. 1st Feb for 8 weeks online: 6:30pm to 8pm each Wednesday

Simply reach out and email us if you want to chat to Rachel about potentially joining in.

Women’s Only Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Group

One of several different ways to relax with mindfulness

Tuesday the 28th Feb 2023 sees the start of a women’s only group teaching trauma-informed mindful practice.

Brought to you in conjunction with Manchester Women’s Empowerment Group

You are invited to join this 8-week online group in which you will learn about how traumatic experiences may have shaped your experience of the world and how to use mindfulness to manage the impact of trauma to move forward.

During the 8 weeks, participants learn to cultivate inner resources and develop skills that help them meet and work with the challenges of life such as stress, pain and illness more effectively.

Mindfulness is about turning off our automatic pilot, becoming aware and being present to each precious moment of our lives.  This awareness can be used in the service of our learning, growing and healing.

Just click here to find out more, or email us to arrange a chat to see if this group could be suitable for you.

1-Day Bio-Aquatic Treatment Retreat, 29th to 30th January 2023

January also sees our 1st 1-day trauma-focused retreat experience.

Providing an introduction to understanding stress and psychological trauma and the opportunity to experience:

  • bio-aquatic craniosacral therapy
  • therapeutic art
  • trauma-informed mindfulness

Set in the exclusive Grade II listed boutique hotel in Bath, and using a private Thermal Spa for the water-based therapy, the retreat runs from 7pm Sunday evening to 4:30pm Monday.

Over the evening and following day the small group of 6 people are supported by 3 of the SafeHaven team, Charlotte, Rachel and Christine. Those attending also have the option of preparatory and follow up 1-1 sessions and get access to our Wellbeing App for a whole year.

You can find out more here, to see if this immersive experience is for you…

Our private thermal spa for the bio-aquatic craniosacral therapy

Worm Full Moon 1-day Therapy Retreat, 5th-6th March 2023

This mini retreat is planned ahead of the Worm Full Moon on the 7th March 2023. This is a full moon that represents a time of personal grown and development, with a focus on inspired accomplishment.

This is a small group experience – where people benefit from both personal attention with therapists and the benefits of being within a safe group.

Led by Charlotte, the retreat is run by 3 experienced facilitators, who between them bring psychotherapy, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic art, dance-movement, mindfulness and meditation to the day.

The retreat is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to focus on aspects of personal and spiritual development you aspire to for the year ahead

Click here to find out more, and simply email us and request a call if you would like to consider joining us.



Charlotte Copeland

SafeHaven Trauma Centre