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Combination Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

When I began seeing Charlotte for Craniosacral Therapy (CST) I had recently been diagnosed with MS and was in a very different place to when my treatment had finished a few weeks later.

Seeing Charlotte not only gave me the opportunity to discuss my feelings and how my diagnosis had affected myself and my family, which in itself resulted in a psychological relief, but the fascinating CST treatment she gave me in the subsequent weeks also resulted in a marked difference to my physical wellbeing.

Before I started the treatment with Charlotte, I thought I had a positive attitude about my MS diagnosis, however during the period in which I had CST treatment it became clear to me that there was so much more positivity to add to my outlook. I’m not sure how, or indeed what Charlotte does during treatment because the movements she makes on the body whilst the treatment in ongoing is minimal. What I do know however is that simply by ‘tuning in’ to my body, she identified a number of other none MS related health issues I was experiencing at the time that stemmed from before starting the treatment. During treatment, I was also suffering from a sciatic nerve problem which was affecting my right hip down to my right foot and was causing me a great deal of pain. Somehow, Charlotte knew this was a problem before I even told her about it and as the treatment progressed over the following weeks she could almost predict how the pain in my right leg was by simply by tuning into my body again. Every time she was correct. Charlotte used CST to ease my pain, and again, I’m not sure how she did it but I sit here now a month later free from pain.

I cannot recommend Charlotte highly enough. I’ve now stopped my treatment and my sense of wellbeing, both mentally and physically is better than it has been in years. The whole experience for me has been amazing and even after Charlotte explained how CST works I still don’t fully understand how such a relaxing, non-strenuous treatment could have such a positive impact. All I do know is that it works on so many levels.

P Johnson


We would like to thank Charlotte from the bottom of our hearts. When we went for our first appointment with our 19 month daughter we hadn’t slept for months with her. Charlotte came highly recommended and my goodness what a difference we are seeing in our daughter. She now sleeps so peacefully, we managed a full 12 hours for the first time ever! Thank you

C Brooks


Charlotte Copeland is an amazing therapist whom I have known for while now. From my personal experience I can say that craniosacral therapy treatment is unique experience, which I would recommend to everyone. For me it was worth every second of it and
I feel very lucky to be able to experience such an amazing body and mind connection. Thank you Charlotte Copeland you are special.

V Hofton


Charlotte is a very gifted therapist with an exceptional understanding of the craniosacral system. I have been fortunate to experience treatments with Charlotte in and out of the water and have had some amazing results. CST has helped ease a chronic lower back problem that I have had for a number of years following a fall and it also helps me to remain balanced and calm during times of external stress. I highly recommend Charlotte and CST for any physical or mental problems that are preventing you from enjoying life to the full.

S Curran


Charlotte is an excellent therapist. I have received treatment from Charlotte. I refer family to her for treatment, knowing that they will be treated with skill, professionalism & understanding.

L Keane


Craniosacral therapy for physical and vocal tics

My son Luca is 8 years old, and since the age of 3 has had various twitches or movements within his body, such as repetitive eye blinking, open and closing his mouth, head and neck jerking and various other movements. The movements would come for a period of time and then change to another one, which initially I put down to being habits which he would grow out of.

The movements were never too noticeable until he reached the age of 6 and the neck jerking became very regular and noticeable, and by the age of 7 he has started to have vocal tics (shouting out the word yes) this became quite severe last year and I contacted my GP for medical assistance. We were referred to a Neurologist who advised that Luca had vocal tics which was a form of Tourette’s and we were put on a waitlist for an appointment with CAHMs (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) for advice on how to manage the situation.

The appointment was 3 months away and the vocal tics was becoming quite regular, the school were involved and we were trying to put procedures in place as to ensure it would not have an impact on Luca at school. I was really quite worried, as Luca was such a confident boy and I didn’t want the situation to have a negative impact on him.

As things were not improving for Luca, I decided to look at alternatives therapies. I had experienced cranial therapy myself during the last stage of my pregnancy with Luca, as I had SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) and was experiencing severe pain which had a big effect on my mobility, the therapy was the only thing that got me through the last stages of the pregnancy and assisted with the pain. I couldn’t believe the change during those last few weeks.

I contacted Charlotte to ask if she offered CST treatment to children, and after an initial chat I booked Luca in for his first session. This first session was really quite amazing, Charlotte explained to Luca what she was going to do, and that she would work out how his body was feeling and where it needed assistance, Luca seemed so receptive to the treatment, and the treatment seemed so gentle, and safe, it seemed that light pressure was applied to various parts of Lucas body which just seemed to assist the body in releasing any stresses and tensions.

Luca seemed totally comfortable with the experience, and his body would move in various ways, as if it was pushing and stretching to release tension. I was so surprised at how his body reacted to the treatment and how he seemed to really enjoy it and not feel phased at all by it.
After the first visit to Charlotte, within a few days we noticed a huge improvement, the jerking of the neck reduced significantly as did the vocal tics, I was completely surprised how it had such an impact on him so soon.  We had probably around another 5 sessions with Charlotte and by then the head jerking had stopped completely and the vocal tics were hardly happening.

After a period of 6 months the vocal tics came back and were quite severe, to the stage where Luca was also becoming quite worried about them himself. After one session with Charlotte they reduced significantly and a week later had disappeared again.

We now manage the situation, where as if Luca feels he needs to visit Charlotte he just lets me know and we pay a visit. I really enjoy taking Luca to his sessions as I know the positive impact is has on his body, and although he is always asking “how long he has left”, I know he secretly enjoys it!

The treatment has had a huge impact on Luca and his health and moving forward this is the way we will manage the situation if things reappear.

Charlotte is such a professional,  and  makes Luca and myself feel such at ease and explains in a way he understands as to what is happening to his body and the reasons she is working on various areas, and why certain parts of his body move throughout the treatment.

I can honestly say that I do not know what the situation would be now like for Luca if we had not taken this route, I only hope other families become aware of how this treatment can assist them too.

D Early