Workplace stress

Developing a culture to include Mental Health

Workplace Culture starts with leadership from the top, rippling down. It’s crucial for managers to incorporate an open approach when talking mental health.

Suggestions for introducing within the workplace:

  • Start to discuss mental health within team meetings.
  • Include mental health within the organisation health and wellbeing policy
  • Backing up with a message the ‘support will be offered rather than discrimination’
  • ‘Mental health will be treated as important as physical health’
  • Develop a strong strategic approach, rather than an ad-hoc one.
  • Encouraging those who can share their experience of mental health by becoming mental health champions.
  • Communicate messages to recognise individual’s strengths will still be recognised, even if there are periods where they may be affected.
  • Engaging the workforce by educating the importance of looking after emotional health, in a similar way we do physical health (diet, exercise, relaxation)
  • Support a mental health charity, this is a good way to raise awareness.
  • Encouraging line-managers to organise regular one to ones, including MH within the agenda. – These can be increased during regular times.
  • Acknowledge heavy projects/increased workload. The possible implications for mental health and increased stress. Encourage peer support.
  • Normalise mental health – every single one of us has it.

Ask us about how mental health awareness training can help.


Charlotte Copeland