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Online Therapy

Online therapy means accessing support by either the telephone or video (such as Skype).


What therapies are suitable for this?

We offer 3 different therapies suitable for this way of working:


Are telephone or video sessions inferior to face-to-face counseling?

No they are not inferior, but they are different. Face-to-face therapy ensures we take responsibility for you having a confidential, safe space for your treatment. With telephone or video based support that responsibility lies with you. However, many people who are unable to come to the Centre find this way of working a convenient and effective alternative.


Is online therapy right for you?

Online therapy is generally works best for people who want to work more independently and prefer to work from the comfort and privacy of their own home, or wherever it’s convenient for them

It can be used to treat a wide range of mental health conditions. From addiction, bereavement, bullying or illness to relationship difficulties and trauma.You can expect to have a greater understanding of the problems you face and strengthened coping skills.

A willingness to discuss your problems openly and take responsibility for your own change and work independently for are key to it being successful for you.


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