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Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Dance Movement psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy, focused on creating change by using movement and connecting with the body.

The aim of this type of psychotherapy is the same as that of traditional talk psychotherapy, focused on creating change by understanding the underlying drivers behind why we do the things we do and how our past is influencing our present.


What happens in a session?

Dance Movement Psychotherapy uses a focus on the embodied experience of being a human being and how we experience the world as we move around in it.  This means different things for different people, for some people may mean the focus is still talking but they are able to incorporate the feelings that they have within their body as part of what is discussed; for others it may be that they move, walk or dance within their session; and rather than predominantly talking, they create a piece of art to process their experience.

It is a proactive form of therapy that looks to increase the knowledge and understanding you have about you. It aims to help you change and grow as a person. At the end of therapy ideally you know yourself better and have more knowledge and greater skills in order to live your life.

Sessions usually last for around 60 minutes.

This type of therapy takes place in person on a one-to-one basis; it is also available for small groups


Is Dance Movement Psychotherapy for you?

It is important that you feel the kind of psychotherapy you engage in, is right for you.  Dance Movement Psychotherapy may of particular benefit if you are interested in the mind/body connection and movement and wish to explore your experience in this way.


You can also find out more by listening to our mini-podcast talking about dance movement psychotherapy here:

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