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Bio-aquatic Craniosacral Therapy

This treatment applies craniosacral therapy, but in water.

This allows for increased movement during a session, which facilitates mobility improvement through the whole body.

The warmth and support of the water are also often highly beneficial for people with restricted mobility or high levels of physical discomfort.

This treatment allows you to experience the feeling of being both fully supported and completely free at the same time. Allowing your body complete freedom to move around and release a whole network of tension during a session. It is a powerful way to experience craniosacral therapy and can be an important part of a treatment plan, for those comfortable in water.


What happens in a session?

During treatment you begin by relaxing in the water in any position that feels comfortable (most people begin by floating on their back). The therapist supports you so you feel safe and secure in the water, which can include using floatation aids such as ‘noodles’.

When you feel ready the therapist begins treatment just as if you were on land. The big difference in the water is as the tension patterns in your body begin to unwind, you have a 3-dimensional space through which your body can move and flow. The result is more tension is released and you feel an even deeper sense of relaxation. It really is a wonderful way to relax and experience CST.



Will I be able to stand up in the water?

All the pools we use are only 1.2m deep, which means if you are a little unsure in water you can feel confident that you will never be out of your depth. You are also able stand up at any time during treatment or take a break, the important thing is you feel comfortable actually being in the water, and all sessions are adjusted to accommodate each person’s needs to achieve this.

Will I have to share the pool?

If you decide on private pool hire you will have both the changing rooms and pool for your exclusive use.


Is there disabled access?

The pools have full disabled access and hoists/chairlifts, to position you safely into the water.

What do I need to bring?

A towel and your swimming costume/trunks. When you book your first bio-aquatic session you will receive an information pack with full details of where to go, what to bring etc.

Will I be able to shower after my session?

Yes, the pools have changing rooms (with private cubicles available) and shower facilities.

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