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SafeHaven run a number of treatment retreats each year. Retreats are designed to support clients and caregivers, so you can book on a retreat for help with a condition or for help in understanding and supporting someone else. In both circumstances the focus will include your wellbeing and helping you take away knowledge and skills you can apply beyond the retreat experience.


We run retreats in a number of locations including:

  • UK
  • Iceland
  • Bahamas

Visit our event page to find current retreat dates: Events


Retreat length

Retreats vary in length, from 1-day experiential days to multi-day intensive treatment retreats that include preparatory and post-retreat sessions to help get the most from the experience.

Each retreat will have details on the length of the experience and what to expect.


Open versus closed retreats

All of our publicly promoted retreats are open. This means you can book on and attend as an individual. This experience brings people together who likely have not known each other prior to the retreat.

In contrast, we provide closed retreats for groups such as:

  • families
  • a friendship group
  • a corporate team

Closed retreats are arranged on request and tailored to the specific needs of the group.

To arrange a closed retreat, simply reach out to us and we will work with you to design your bespoke experiential retreat.

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