FAQ for organisations - SafeHaven

What if there is only one person affected – can they get help?

Yes they can. There are different crisis management procedures for different circumstances. Therefore whether it involves a single person or a group of several hundred, we are able to provide appropriate support.


What if we are NOT on a Crisis Support Plan – can we get help?

Yes you can. We will discuss the situation you are experiencing in detail, advise on what service will be required, agree timescales and provide a quotation for the service.

If your organisation may require more frequent assistance we will discuss the Crisis Support Plan with you, as it will provide a swifter response time and be more cost effective for you in the longer term.


How quickly will you be on site?

Location dependent, we can be on site within 4 hours.


If it is several weeks since the incident will a Critical Incident service still help?

Yes it can. The type of intervention we will undertake may be different due to the time lapse, but it is not unusual for organisations to request our CISM Team several weeks after the incident occurred.


How long does it take?

This depends on the type of intervention required. They can be as short as half-an hour, through to a full day or longer for ongoing crisis situations.


What about after the Critical Incident Team have attended – what happens next?

On completion of the intervention we will debrief a representative from your organisation, and discuss any information the attendees requested be passed on.

If any attendee requires immediate additional help we will assess their needs, agree a referral with the organisations representative and arrange for the referral to one of our specialists at the treatment centre.

As standard practice we arrange a follow-up meeting with each attendee at 4-6 weeks. We will discuss their psychological welfare and, again, any person needing further assistance will be assessed and appropriately referred.

Once the follow-up appointments have been completed we will send out a feedback survey to attendees. A summary report will be issued to your organisation for your records.


Are all incidents handled in the same way?


There are different procedures for different circumstances. The most commonly used interventions are:

  • Defusing
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
  • Individual Crisis Intervention
  • Crisis Management Briefing

What if someone is struggling after the CISM Team have attended?

If an individual begins to struggle days or weeks after the intervention we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. When the CISM Team attend and run an intervention for you they will provide a step-by-step guide so you know what to watch out for in yourself and others and when to contact us.


How much does it cost?

For organisations who are interested in having Crisis Management procedures in-place, and who do not have a current critical incident, we provide an initial, no obligation, consultation at no cost to you.

Costs vary for in-house training, the CISM Team and the treatment programmes, depending on the needs of your organisation. The most cost effective way for the majority of companies is to have a Crisis Support Plan, where we will design a bespoke solution for your organisations needs and you can spread payment over 12 months. The Crisis Support Plan is also able to offer additional levels of service response at preferential rates, as we are already working with you to monitor and handle any incidents that occur.


Can you respond to a crisis outside the UK?

Yes. We provide worldwide response.