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Bullying?   Assault?   Serious Accident?   Fatality?

Suicide?   Disaster?   Terrorism?


Is your organisation prepared to effectively manage the impact of psychological critical incidents on your personnel?

Here at SafeHaven we provide a range of psychological service solutions to meet HR and Health & Safety needs; helping organisations to prepare for and respond effectively to the impact of acute stress and psychological trauma in the workplace.


Our services include:

SafeHaven Within: provides preventative measures to enable an organisation to prepare for, and effectively manage, the psychological impact of acute stress and psychological trauma from within the organisation. SafeHaven Within includes policy development, risk assessments and in-house training for staff; ensuring a peer-level mental health support system is in place for personnel.


SafeHaven Helpline: provides an organisation with 24/7 telephone/online support. Providing direct access to experienced CISM mental health professionals; providing input for ongoing prevention, live crisis management, post-incident measures and counselling support.


SafeHaven On-Call: provides 24/7 Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) response teams and a 24/7 operations centre. Our UK teams are deployed worldwide, with support from our operations centre. The operations centre and deployed teams work alongside an organisation and other emergency/security professionals; providing strategic CISM interventions both during and immediately after an incident.


SafeHaven Recovery: providing triage, aftercare and treatment for severely affected individuals; in partnership with our specialist treatment centre.


SafeHaven Plus: is our comprehensive support package that includes the full suite of services to optimise crisis resolution. SafeHaven Plus allows the seamless integration between an organisation’s internal departments and SafeHaven before, during and after a crisis.


SafeHaven CISM is the only internationally verified psychological crisis response service in the UK.
We are verified by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF).


Pre-incident preparation

We risk assess your organisation’s needs for critical incident response procedures. We provide in-house training for designated staff, so you are able to effectively self-manage low-mid level incidents. We provide a detailed action plan so you know what to do when an incident occurs and when and how to ask for professional help. We provide procedures for managing the incident process to support your staff, minimise the impact of a critical incident on the organisation and maximise the recovery and mental health of your workforce.

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Crisis response

When organisations have a critical incident, we provide a team of specially trained Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) mental health professionals on site to mitigate the psychological fallout to those involved.

Our CISM team will be onsite to carry out a specialist psychological debriefing to all those affected. Our team can be on-site within 4 hours, although many interventions can take place up to several weeks post-incident and still be effective. As standard we provide all intervention attendees with a one-to-one follow-up meeting at 4-6 weeks. Ensuring each person has ongoing support, is in recovery and identifying anyone who may require additional psychological support.

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Post-incident support

After a critical incident it is not unusual to find up to one third of the people involved either struggling to cope with the demands of their job or taking days off sick. When this happens we can provide an assessment service, to determine what your staff may need to enable them to both return to work and the person they were prior to the critical incident.

The assessment will identify whether a person requires psychological triage or needs to be referred for a more in-depth, specialist, trauma treatment programme. We will then refer to the trauma specialists at our treatment centre to provide the most appropriate care for each person.

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Whilst based in the UK, we provide our services worldwide.


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