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SafeHaven Within

SafeHaven Within enables an organisation to prepare for, and effectively manage, the psychological impact of stress and trauma, from within the organisation. SafeHaven Within services assist businesses in implementing effective management of stress and distress; supporting workplace mental health and ensuring business continuity.

SafeHaven Within service options include:

  • Strategic Consultancy; including  risk assessment and policy development
  • Organisational training


Organisational Training

An important part of effectively managing critical incidents in the workplace is how an organisation responds in the immediate aftermath.

Our service helps organisations put peer-level mental health support in place, to mitigate the impact of acute stress and psychological trauma. In addition, our peer-level training enables trained personnel to evaluate psychological risk and sign-post to appropriate services.

SafeHaven provide a range of online and 1 and 2 day training courses. Courses include:

  • PTSD Awareness ( 1 day)
  • PPIS: Peer-to-Peer Incident Support (Trauma-Focused Psychological First Aid with in-built psychological risk management system) (2 day)
  • Managing Psychological Critical Incidents in Work (2 day)
  • BRAINS-TTT: Building Resilience Against Noradrenaline & Stress (Train The Trainer resilience building programme)
  • TIMR: Trauma-Informed Mindful Resilience (12 week online e-programme)


Bespoke Training

We work with many organisations who operate in highly specialised areas; often in these circumstances an organisation can have specific training requirements above and beyond what our standard training packages provide. If you believe your organisation may require training specifically orientated to your specialised area, we offer a service where we will write bespoke training to meet your organisations needs. Please contact us to discuss this further.


Training locations

Training can be provided on your premises, at a nearby location, or we run training courses throughout the year in Stockport, Greater Manchester.


Please contact us for further information or to discuss you specific requirements